Information about membership of the Arts Society North Bedfordshire.


membership applications

Membership of the Arts Society North Bedfordshire is usually offered on a calendar year basis but it is also possible to join part way through a year. The annual membership fee includes free access to our programme of nine lectures, reduced guest fees for attending the events of some other Arts Societies, receiving the Arts Society magazine and having free access to some Arts Society Zoom lectures and events. The annual membership fee for 2022 is £50 with the option of adding a donation to support our Young Arts projects that aim to engage young people in the arts. For new members wishing to join later than the March meeting, there is a 20% discount on the 2022 membership fee. 

Membership applications and renewals

You can apply for 2022 membership by  completing the membership application form on this website.  

Gift Aid

If you wish to enable gift aid to be claimed on the portion of your membership fee that goes to The Arts Society and have not yet sent us a gift aid declaration form, please click here to download a gift aid declaration form. Once you have completed this, please email it to us.


For any questions about membership,  please contact Jan Jones, our membership secretary. 

Further information about what we do

There is more information about what we do on our  About page and you may find it helpful to look at items produced by The Arts Society. You might also be interested in reading an article by one of our members, "What Arts Society Membership Means To Me". 

data protection

The Arts Society North Bedfordshire is a member society of The Arts Society; Registered Charity No 1089743. Members’ details will be passed to The Arts Society, kept securely and will be processed fairly, lawfully and in accordance with the legitimate activities of The Arts Society and The Arts Society North Bedfordshire. All information submitted through this website will be used for the pruposes for which it has been provided.