Lectures Plus

Materials to explore topics covered in lectures a bit further.

music in art

Early musiciansFor more information about our lecturer, please visit Sophie Matthews' website. 

Click here  for an information sheet about her talk. 

Royal parks

For further information about the Royal Parks, please visit the  Royal Parks website. You can also find out more about our lecturer, Paul Rabbitts, and the books he has written on his website


Faber was founded as an independent publishing house in 1929 and had T. S. Eliot as its first Poetry Editor. Further information about Faber is available at  www.faber.co.uk In terms of books,there is Tony Faber's "Faber & Faber: The Untold Story" - or there is Joseph Connolly’s larger format book specifically about Faber covers – "Faber & Faber: Eighty Years of Book Cover Design". Finally, the firm also produces a box of 100 postcards, all using old covers. 

ballets russes


Established in Paris in 1909, the Ballets Russes brought about a revolution in classical dance, dazzling to the eye, which has had a lasting influence on all the Arts. Rosamund Bartlett, our lecturer on the Ballets Russes, recommends: Diaghilev: A Life by Sjeng Scheijen, published in 2010 by Profile Books. There is also an interesting overview on the  V&A website plus other information including an online display of photos.  

history of wallpaper

Click here  for suggestions from our lecturer, Joanna Banham, for following up the topics covered in her lecture on the history of wallpaper.


Dr Claire Walsh suggested the following resources to find out more about Churchill as an artist: website: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/chartwell; books: Sir Winston Churchill: His Life and His Paintings by David Coombs and Minnie Churchill; Churchill: The Statesman as Artist by Professor Sir David Cannadine; Painting as a Pastime by Sir Winston S. Churchill; Winston Churchill: Painting on the French Riviera by Paul Rafferty and HRH The Prince of Wales


There are many interesting books about Charles Dickens but one that caught our eye is by John Mullan and is entitled "The Artful Dickens". The chapter on characters' names is especially interesting. You can get a copy in Bedford Library. This book may be a good way to follow up  Bertie Pearce's lecture.

from yuletide to nativity

Our lecturer, Dr Sam Newton is Director of the Study Centre at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk and a Time Team historian. Two of his books are 'The Origins of Beowulf' and 'The Reckoning of King Raedwald: the story of the King linked to the Sutton Hoo Ship-Burial'. Further information can be found  on his website.


Julia Musgrave  suggested the following books about Caravaggio that may be of interest if you want to find out more about his life and art:  Andrew Graham-Dixon, Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane, 2010  and Letizia Treves et al, Beyond Caravaggio, National Gallery London Publications, 2016

lawrence of Arabia and the arab revolt

Dr Neil Faulkner suggested information that you can use to see how archaeological evidence has provided new insights into the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918. More details of the Great Arab Revolt Project areavailable here. 

picasso in britain

Dr Kate Aspinall gave us a lecture on Picasso in Britain: Art, Politics and Outcry. She looked at Picasso's connections with Britain at a time when the country was on the verge of an artistic renaissance. Additional resources to enable you to explore the topic further can be accessed by  clicking here

City of London Stained Glass

Alexandra Epps gave us a lecture on the modern stained glass in some of the City of London's historic churches. Click here for a list of the stained glass artists involved. You might also be interested in "The 100 Best Stained Glass Sites in London", a book by Caroline Swash; click here for details.  A map showing the location of the churches in the City of London can be found by clicking here. 

the camden town group

Nicola Moorby's lecture on Walter Sickert and the Camden Town Group provided an insight into the life and work of an innovative group of painters who came together in the years immediately before the First World War. More information is available from the  Tate's The Camden Town Group in Context.

Lectures and courses FROM lecturers we have previously heard:

You might be interested in some lectures and courses offered by  Peter Medhurst, who gave us a lecture on Beethoven.

Click here for details.